Monday, 9 January 2017

Business is stepping up to help young people build their skills

More than 21 000 young people from Wales and the South West, part of the Newport area, to strengthen their skills before entering the world of work, with the support of more than 400 Barclays volunteers.

With LifeSkills, Barclays free access program that connects Cymru program to the community in Wales - thousands of young people the opportunity to develop their skills for personal communication interviews and money management; Help you take the first steps in your career. Among the participants, there are students from the schools of St. Julian and Duffryn Newport.

 This milestone LifeSkills program in Wales comes at a time when, throughout the UK, 80% of young people need "substantial training" before they start working against a already high water mark 75% according With the Institute of Accountants of Management.

The financial professionals who responded to the survey focused primarily on "people's gift" as an area of weakness - a skill that is the theme of the LifeSkills program.

Low skill levels have had an impact not only on health talent pipelines, but also on company performance.

Eighty-five percent of respondents said their workload has increased, 66% said that stress levels have increased and 44% reported that overall performance levels had fallen.

Matt Appleby, director of BITC Cymru, said: "Collaborating with the skills, working with young people to build a future talent - who may well be your future employees and customers - is the key to being a successful and sustainable business. Responsible companies like Barclays see the benefits of participating in the education program; Through mutually beneficial partnerships with schools and delivery of programs such as LifeSkills.

"The team - with the support of hundreds of volunteers from Barclays branches - makes a big difference in the lives of young people, but also in the skills challenges we face as a nation. There is a clear role for business to play And I am delighted that companies like Barclays are up. I am proud that the BITC Cymru contract to deliver LifeSkills Wales has been renewed and we look forward to meeting - and approving - the next important step of the program.

BITC Cymru began delivering the LifeSkills workshops in Wales in September 2014, originally on a two-year contract. Now, depending on the scope and length of the delivery date, the contract was extended until August 2019, when the team is providing workshops to over 30,000 youngsters over. The next phase of the contract will increase young people's commitment to schools and expand delivery to schools while providing exciting and engaging sessions in skills that young people need and want to see.

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